Bridging the Language Gap in the Community



Language Connection provides people with Limited English Proficiency(LEP) access to a variety of businesses and services.  We bridge that gap through accurate interpretation and translation.  Cultural differences and unfamiliar environments can be uncomfortable for some. A persons feelings, privacy, and the nature of their circumstances should also be considered. These are some of the reasons why we prefer a personal approach.  Therefore, we address those needs by providing in person or “Face to Face” interpreting.  Our experience has confirmed it is important to not only hear every word spoken, but also to acknowledge their facial expressions to fully understand the context.  Request a face to face interpreter here: https://languageconnection16.com/request/

Language Connection interpreters are certified in medical, court, and/or American Sign Language, and are background checked.  They are professional and courteous, abide in ethics and protocol in the industry, and desire to ensure accurate communication throughout all processes, procedures, and documents.  Central Virginia is our home, but we serve businesses and individuals throughout our beautiful Commonwealth.  We are licensed in the state of Virginia, insured through Virginia Insurance Services, and a member of the Small Business Administration.  Currently, we provide services for Virginia Premier Health, and Virginia Physicians for Women.  We are Face to Face because, “One Word Can Make A World Of Difference.”Provide Spanish LanguageProvide French Language